Looking at Greek and Roman Sculpture in Stone

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Looking at Greek and Roman Sculpture in Stone: A Guide to Terms, Styles and Techniques
Author: Janet Burnett Grossman

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Tool marks and joins, Cycladic and Daedalic styles, and kouroi and kanephoroi are among the many terms pertaining to the study of classical stone sculpture that are succinctly described in this latest addition to the "Looking At" series. Presented in glossary format, this illustrated book gives concise definitions of the words and phrases most frequently encountered by museum visitors in exhibition labels and texts. Throughout the book, the author focuses on the technical aspects of sculpting that influenced the style and character of the finished works. An introductory essay underscores the importance of understanding why and how ancient stone sculpture was produced, allowing readers to gain a greater appreciation of the aesthetic value of individual works. Featuring numerous illustrations of ancient stone sculptures, many from the collections of the Getty Museum, "Looking at Greek and Roman Sculpture in Stone" is a useful guide for students, scholars and all who wish to heighten their enjoyment of this classical art.

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