Rotary Bushing Chisel

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Steel Rotary Bushing Chisel for pneumatic hammers Connection 12,5 mm
To work all types of limestones and marbles.
Head diameter 25mm

The higher the number of teeth, the bush hammer is finer
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Product Category: Bushing chisels, Rotating bushing chisel

With this tool you can reach the "hand finish bush hammer" working with a pneumatic hammer with a yield 5-10 times higher that traditional manual labor.

The best result is obtained by positioning the hammer at 60º relative to the work surface. After passing parallel passes, it is recommended to quickly perform a series of passes intersecting the previous passes at 90º, which eliminates imperfections and unifies the finish.

Available with 5, 6 or 7 rows of teeth in 25mm of diameter, the higher the number of teeth, the bush hammer is finer.

Available in the following sizes:
Ref. 56-00297 D.25mm  5 Rows 
Ref. 56-00017 D.25mm  6 Rows
Ref. 56-00038 D.25mm  7 Rows
Ref. 56-00691 D.25mm  8 Rows

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